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New releases of PKCS#11 toolkits!


The new versions of our PKCS#11 toolkits now support the GCM and CCM cipher modes of operation!

iSaSiLk 5.107 released!


iSaSiLk 5.107 has improved its countermeasure against variants of the PKCS#1 Bleichenbacher attack and adds support for the Application Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) extension!


Our Clients

Licence Conditions

For purely educational purposes and research projects we offer a fee-waived variant for downloading IAIK Security software for the Java™ platform combined with an educational licence .

 If you intend using IAIK Security software for the Java™ Platform for commercial purposes, you must agree with our commercial licence conditions in order to be granted a Developers, Runtime, Active Component, and/or Full Licence.

In case you would like to develop an open source application, please have a look at our open source licence .

Please read the information provided carefully. Should you feel uncertain, please do not hesitate to ask!

If you intend purchasing some of our RFID demo tags, we would kindly ask you to send us the signed document Demotag Declaration of Use!




 Stiftung SIC Java Crypto-Software Development Kit Licence Agreement 
 Valid from January 01, 2017

License for Open Source Projects

  Free Licence for Open Source Software Development under GPL Version 2 and EUPL Version 1.1

If you want to develop an open source application under any other free software licensing scheme that is similar to GPL Version 2 and EUPL Version 1.1, it may be possible to grant a free license. Stiftung SIC will decide on this individually after inspecting the intended use and license conditions.

License Agreement MOA

Stiftung Secure Information and Communication Technologies SIC has now decided to support e-government in Austria by providing the Austrian private sector with Java e-government software for free, pending further notice.

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